What is a skip bin?

download (3)You may have heard of the words skip bin being thrown around. Actually, skip bins are part of the environment nowadays. If you are still clueless, skip bins are those that are commonly referred to as dumpsters. It is just a matter of lingo and different geographical locations. In the UK, it is called a skip bin while in Canada and the US, it is a dumpster. A skip bin is basically a big movable trash can. It is open at the top and has a very large volume. It is not emptied into a truck but rather it is carried to the landfill site. It is easily movable hence offering a lot of convenience skip bin hire Dandenong from Ezy Skips.

Convenience offered by a skip bin

One of the features of a skip bin is being pen at the top. This directly offers two advantages. One advantage is that it is easy to throw garbage in. It might seem subtle but having big dumpsters with lids on top can be strenuous. This is particularly for older members of the society i.e. senior citizens. People in wheelchairs can also find it hard to put their trash bags in such a dumpster. Another advantage is that they are also movable. A truck can carry the skip bin to the landfill. It can also deposit an empty skip bin in the place of the full one.

Are huge in size

Most skip bins range between 2 Cubic meters up to over 30 cubic meters. This means that the bins are capable of holding a lot of trash at once. For example, a skip bin which has a volume of 25 cubic meters can carry twice as much as a garbage lorry can. It can easily be wheeled to the dump site hence offering maximum convenience.